Getting there

The HOTTI will be setup and launched from the Cairns Rowing Club. Click here for directions to the Club

Setting up

Boat set up and boat rigging will take place in the car park opposite the Club. The car park will be closed from lunch time onwards on Saturday 10th September to allow for setup of the trailer park and boat rigging area. The trailer park will then be available from 1.00pm to 5.00pm for trailer parking and rigging.

Club members will be in attendance during this time to assist with parking and space allocation.

On arrival

On arrival at the rowing club, please proceed to the trailer park opposite the Cairns Rowing Club. The area will be cordoned off for exclusive use by race entrants. A trailer space will be allocated on arrival.

The extent of the trailer park is shown here.

Please note the restricted area. NO parking is permitted in the remaining boat trailer area. See below for other car parking areas.


The roadway adjacent the trailer park will be active and we ask that you remain inside the cordoned off area. In particular all boats and equipment are to remain inside the roped area. Please exercise care when crossing the roadway to the boat shed.

Course preview

A preview of the course will be available between 3.00pm and 5.00pm for those wanting to get a feel for the course. The club will provide boats for a powered lap of the course. Alternately crews are welcome to row the course during this period. Please note the last boat launching for those rowing or paddling the course will be 4.00pm. We ask that you return by 5pm.

Also note that the course will only be buoyed with temporary floats for the Saturday afternoon preview. Full course floats will be set on Sunday morning.