Race Day

Sunday 9th September 2018.

What to expect

This page will provide details on what to expect on Race Day. There will be a number of activities going on through the morning in preparation for racing, therefore it will be useful for competitors to get an understanding of the setup requirements prior to racing.

Getting there

The HOTTI will be launched from the Cairns Rowing Club. The club is located on Fearnley Street, Portsmith, opposite the Fearnley Street Boat Ramp.

Fearnley Street is also known by some as ‘Trawler Base Road’, just in case you are asking for directions. To help with directions, we are located on the Queensland Sugar Bulk Sugar Shed site in Portsmith.

Click here for a map showing directions to the Club

Site Set Up

The Site Arrangement Plan below shows the general arrangement for the site where race set up and boat launching will occur.


Click here. for a printable version

Parking and Parking Restrictions

Please note that parking is limited and will be shared with other ramp users. Parking allocations and parking restrictions will therefore be in place.

Provision has been made for boat trailers. See below for these requirements.

Approved vehicle parking allocations are shown on the Site Arrangement Plan. Please ensure you park in these spaces only.

In the event that these spaces are filled, please use the Spill Over Car Park on Cook street.

Parking restrictions will specifically be in place for the area immediately outside the Boat Trailer Park, and extending out to Cook Street. This area has been set aside for recreational boaters and provides trailer parking for them. These spaces must be kept clear at all times. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THESE SPACES.

The club also cautions that parking on grass verges in the ramp area is NOT permitted and is an offence under Ports North regulations. Infringement notices may be issued to vehicles parking on the verges.

To ensure that set up and launching goes smoothly, your cooperation on parking requirements is appreciated.

Parking Arrangement Plan

Parking arrangements are shown on the plan below.

Boat trailers will be accommodated on the hardstand adjacent the boat shed. Tow vehicles however must be moved to the 'Competitor' parking areas.

The areas designated as 'STRICTLY NO PARKING' are reserved for recreational ramp users. NO parking is permitted in this area. Cars parked in this area will be asked to be moved.


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On arrival

Crews are requested to arrive in sufficient time to rig equipment and be ready for launching by the designated time.

Competitors should proceed to the Boat Trailer Park on arrival. A club marshal will be on hand to assist with unloading and directions on parking. Boat trailers may be left in the Trailer Park, however tow vehicles and vehicles used to transport boats 'roof top' will need be moved to the car park areas.

If you require trestles for your rigging we suggest that you bring these.

Boat set up and boat rigging will take place in the Boat Trailer Park and in the Rowing Club compound if necessary.

Rigging and set-up

See plan below for rigging and set up areas.


Click here. for a printable version



Boat rigging can be carried out on Sunday morning, however please allow sufficient time for rigging, race briefing and boat launching prior to race start.

The roadway adjacent the trailer park will be open to traffic and we ask that you remain inside the cordoned off area while rigging your boats. In particular, all boats and equipment are to remain inside the roped area. Please also exercise care when crossing the roadway to the boat shed. Please also note that recreational boaters will also be using the ramp during this period.

In preparation for an expedient boat launch, we ask that you bundle and tag you oars / paddles in readiness for collection by the ramp marshal. Please note that paddles and oars will be distributed by the ramp marshals and oar handles to speed the launch process.

Race Registration

Race registration will open early on Sunday morning. The registration tent will be located opposite the boat ramp. Race registration is compulsory and must be completed prior to race start.

At registration time, you will receive a bow number, a red emergency flag, a white distress flag, and a course map. You MUST bring these to the start line in order to race - a check will be completed in the Pre-Start Marshalling area.

Please make provision to carry these items on your boat. The bow number must be fixed to a number holder on the bow of the boat or can be taped to the right side of the hull when facing forward so as to be in view of the start / finish marshal. Tape will be available on site


A light breakfast will be available prior to racing. A selection of foods will be on offer. Breakfast is not included in the entry fee and will therefore be on sale.


Safety Briefing

A full Safety Briefing will be held prior to racing. Briefing time will be posted in the Important Time information.

Boat Launching

Boat launching will commence 30 minutes prior to race start. Congested ramp conditions may exist, therefore full cooperation is requested from all competitors to make this as efficient as possible. To reduce further ramp congestion issues, we want to make the boat launch as short as possible.

Boat launching will be undertaken simultaneously from the Boat Trailer area and the shed compound. A Compound Marshal and Ramp Marshal shall coordinate the launch. Traffic control will also be in operation during the launching. Please follow all directions to ensure a smooth launch. See opposite for traffic flows

After placing the boat on the water, please stay with your boat - the Oar Handlers will deliver your oars / paddles. Once received, fix as quickly as possible and then push away from the ramp.

Rowing shells - please ensure all gates are open prior to entering the ramp

Traffic Flow

Traffic flow for launching is shown below.


Click here. for a printable version

Race Start Staging Areas


Pre-Race Assembly / Warm Up

Following boat launch, please either proceed to the Pre-Race Assembly Area or the Warm Up Area. A boat marshal will patrol the Pre-Race Assembly Area and direct crews into the starting order.

Please ensure that you watch for other competitor boats and recreational / commercial boats on the waterway. Boat movement should be limited to the minimum in the Pre-Race assembly Area to minimise risk of collision and minimise water disturbance.

Pre-Start Assembly

As crews are progressed through the start sequence, the boat marshals will progressively call crews into the Pre-Start Area.

Boats will be handed through to the Pre-Start Assembly Marshal at that time. Crews will be briefed on their start time at this point and directed to the Start Line as the start time approaches. The Start Marshal shall then commence the start sequence.

Race Start

Crews will commence racing at 30 second intervals. On completion of a successful start, the Start Marshal will announce the next crew to commence racing and will call the crew to the line. A call will be made at 15 seconds prior to the start, and then a count down from 10 seconds, followed by the sounding of a horn to signify race start.

Start shall generally be stationary. Running starts are not permitted.

Course Racing

The HOTTI will be raced in a anti-clockwise direction around Admiralty Island, starting at the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron. Race distance is approximately 14km but will be confirmed once the course floats are set and race line measured using GPS.

For competitor safety, Marshal Boats shall be positioned around the course so that all competitors are always in the line of sight of a Marshal Boat

One Medical Boat will also be positioned on the course.


Click here. for a printable version