HOTTI (Head of the Trinity Inlet)

9th September, 2018

The club will be hosting the HOTTI (Head of the Trinity Inlet) on Sunday 9th September 2018. The HOTTI is the Cairns Rowing Club equivalent of Melbourne's "Head of the Yarra" and Brisbane's "Head of the Brisbane" and "Head of the Tweed". The HOTTI is a 13.5km endurance head race event run on the Trinity Inlet in the heart of Cairns. The event is open to all water sport crafts including rowing shells, outriggers, dragon boats, canoes, kayaks, surf skis and surf boats.

See our HOTTI tab for event details.

NQ Masters Program

The NQ Masters Rowing Program was initiated in 2014 by Corby Green from Riverway RC in an effort to provide a focus point for competitive North Queensland Masters rowers seeking the same performance driven expectations, testing and selection processes as our Brisbane counterparts. More often than not, highly capable North Queensland Masters athletes do not nominate for State Team crews due to the (current) expectation that all training will occur in Brisbane with significant time and expense to any athlete travelling from outside that area.

The longer term goal was to strengthen our participation at the State Championships and foster enough high performing Masters athletes and coaches nominating for State Team selection to tip the balance of power and hopefully see a State Team crew training in North Queensland. In 2016 a NQ Masters Womens Quad comprising two Cairns athletes (Kylie Pedder and Alison Kirkwood), two TJCU athletes, a TJCU Coach and a Mackay RC Reserve became the first ever State Representative Team to train on our Northern Waterways.

To ensure the continued success of this program, we encourage as many athletes as possible to trial for the North Queensland Masters Team. The very least anyone will get out of nominating is the experience of taking part in a professional selection process, valid data from ergometer trials and hands on feedback and assessment from coaches during the selection process. Participants wanting to take part should register. See the link below.

Click this link to read more about this program.

State Masters Championship Regatta

When: 21st and 22nd April 2018

The Queensland State Masters Championships is the first regatta for the 2018 competitive year. The regatta is to be held at Coomera on the Gold Coast.

The event is typically well attended by Cairns, with club members usually coming away with great results. The 2016 championships saw club members take gold, silver and bronze in a number of events and also saw club members Kylie Pedder and Alison Kirkwood gain selection in the State Representative crew in the women's D quad. This was the first time a North Queensland crew had represented the state at national level.

The NQ Masters Program will be aiming to field representative crews for the men's and women's eight to contest the State D eight championships and will also be looking to challenge for the right to represent Queensland in the men's and women's D quad.

The selection process for the representative crews does require that Cairns competitors take part in ERG time trials and requires them to travel to Townsville to take part in 'on water' time trials in singles. As our own waterways are tidal, time trials cannot be held in Cairns. While we do need to travel, the testing process is a great way to work on those aspects of making a boat go quicker and a great learning experience for everyone.

A training program is available to assist members wanting to be part of the state regatta. Those wanting to be competitive for the States should also now be into the training program and working towards being ready for the regatta.

National Masters Championships

When: 10th - 13th May 2018

The National Masters Championships will be held on Lake Nagambie between 10th - 13th 2018. Lake Nagambie is a nationally accredited rowing course and home to numerous national events.

The club has successfully contested the National Masters for many years and has produced a number of national champions across a range of boat classes. Club members have also previously represented Queensland in the men's Interstate D eight and women's Interstate D quad events.

Equipment for this regatta will be borrowed or rented from other clubs to reduce costs associated with trailer towing. Those who may be interested in trailing for the state representative Men's or Women's D Quad crew should visit the NQ Masters Rowing website.

Learn to Row

Our Learn to Row Program provides an opportunity for anyone and everyone to get into the sport, regardless of what experience you have. The program is aimed at absolute beginners and will teach you the basics of rowing over a 5 week program, with 2 sessions every week.

We will be running two formal Learn to Row Programs in 2018. Each program will feature an Open Day as a 'come and try' opportunity. Program dates are noted below.

Program 1 - Date to be confirmed

Open Day – to be confirmed

Learn to Row Start – to be confirmed.

Program 2 - Date to be confirmed

Open Day – to be confirmed

Learn to Row Start – to be confirmed.

The LTR program will be followed with a 2 month Integration Program that will allow LTR participants to transition from the LTR program into the club rowing, with help from club members. The integration process will mean that we run fewer LTR programs but consider that the graduates from these programs will develop a greater understanding of the sport in a shorter period.

Capsize recovery

We will be running three Capsize recovery sessions during the year. Please refer our calendar of events for dates on when these are being held.

As we row in a secluded water way with limited opportunities for getting ashore in the event of a capsize, capsize recovery drills are vitally important for the safety of the club members. Successfully completing a capsize recovery on a yearly basis is mandatory to rowing small boats on the inlet.

The capsize recovery sessions are held on Lake Tinaroo at Tinaburra and are therefore also a great place to learn how to row small boats. Please note however the venue for this activity may be changed subject to water level conditions at Tinaburra. We will update on any venue changes closer to the event.

Once you have completed the capsize recovery, please feel free to use the rest of the session to get familiar with singles rowing. Larger crewed boats will also be available on the day to try also.

Club Regattas

The NQ regatta circuit includes a number of regional club regattas. To ensure that the regional competition remains viable, it is vitally important that club members attend as many regional regattas as possible. Regional regattas are being hosted at the following clubs on the dates noted:

Mackay Rowing Club - to be confirmed

Townsville JCU Rowing Club - to be confirmed

North Queensland Premiership Regatta (Riverway RC) - to be confirmed.

Regatta details will be coordinated with club members as the events approach.

Meetings and Working Bees

We hold our club meetings on the second Thursday of every month. The meetings are held at the Cairns RSL on the Esplanade, unless noted otherwise. Meeting start time is 6.00pm for the monthly general meeting. All members are invited to attend to ensure that all interests are represented.

Working bees are held at the boat shed on the third Saturday of every month. Working Bee start time is 7.00am and generally runs for 2 hours.

Please remember this is an important aspect of our boat maintenance and therefore all help will contribute to the quality of our fleet.

Coaching Camps

We will be running our next Coaching Camp in early 2018, date and venue yet to be confirmed and subject to availability of coaches and facility. The coaching camp aims to provide participants with up to date coaching advice to assist individuals with developing their skills. All members are strongly encouraged to attend the camp.

Camps are generally held at Tablelands Rowing Club to take advantage of their magnificent waterway.

We will update the event dates as soon as these have been finalised.


The rowing club is always looking at developing and expanding its memberships and would be keen to hear from anyone who is looking at getting into the sport.

If you are one of these, we would love to hear from you and encourage you to contact one of our members listed on the Contact Us page.