Koppen Construction

Sponsorship for installation of new Sewer System 2017

Koppen Construction have undertaken the construction of a new sewer rising main and relocation of an existing sewer pump station as part of its sponsorship of the Cairns Rowing Club.

The approximate value of the sponsored works was $30,000.

The installation of the new sewer rising main has allowed the club to connect into the existing Council sewer network located approximately 400m for the club facility. The relocation of the existing pump station was also required to suit the new location of the toilet facilities.

The scope of works for the sewer rising main included trenching a distance of approximately 400m along Fearnley Street to install the new rising main, and installing a road crossing complete with enveloper pipe to provide connection into the existing sewer manhole. Seeking approvals and undertaking connection works were also included in the sponsorship.

Koppens also completed restoration works on the clubs compound at completion of the project to ensure the site was left in an immaculate condition.